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Starlife - Agency 4 Dancers & Hostesses - Agency Contract








If you use our services to find a job and to present your job application then we need to handle your data (incl. photos, video and personal information), what will be done free of charge, in accordance to our Agency and Consultancy Contract (see and in strict compliance with GDPR – the new General Data Protection Regulation in European Union. All your photos, videos and private data what you have presented or will present to us is stored safely and confidentially, this data will not be published to unauthorised persons, on our website or social media, and this data will be deleted upon your first demand.

NB! Our agency services are free of charge for our private customers. Using our agency services is strictly voluntary. Our customers are not obliged to work in our clubs (the dancer-hostess always decides if, when and in which of our clubs to apply for a job and to start working if job application is accepted). The agency contract is concluded for an unlimited period and can be unilaterally canceled if desired (cancellation of the contract does not entail any fees or penalties, nor any contractual costs). The main purpose of the agency contract is to introduce to the customer the work in the clubs and the procedures for using our services, as well as to agree with the customer to comply with the rules of clean and safe work. Our goal is to make our customers interested in long-term and active cooperation with us because of the good selection of our clubs, excellent earning potential and the quality and professionalism of our services. Our private customer list is not public.

Starlife Agency and Consultancy Contract for Dancers-Hostesses


We provide services to clubs and legal entities only subject to the recognition and observance of our Starlife “Clean Club” rules (

Declaration of Accept of Starlife "Clean Club" Rules

The jobs offered must be legal, safe and not to comprise sexual services to employer’s clients, not to be related to escort services (spending time with employer’s clients outside the work place or off work hours). Practicing prostitution must be strictly and de facto forbidden. Employee must be guaranteed a right to quit working (without fines, penalties and any force to continue working) if work obligations prove to be obnoxious.

Read more about the "Clean Club" stars on page About us





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