Hostess work and consumation.

We are often asked to explain what is hostess work and consumation.

Hostess work in our business sector is to entertain the customers by talking to them, sometimes also dancing with them. The most important part of hostess work is consumation.

The word "consumation" in striptease clubs and in night clubs and bars means stimulation of consuming (in Latin consumo – to consume, to spend). Consumation is to incline the customers to spend more money. Hostess socializes with the customers (by talking and flirting), with a goal to make customers to buy drinks (in some clubs also snacks or even a la carte dinners) for the hostess. Drinks bought for the hostess are either non-alcoholic or there is spilling system in the Club. Hostess is paid the pre-agreed commission (percentage) from all the money the customers have spent on her.

It is usual that striptease dancers do also hostess work, means they do consumation. In most striptease clubs consumation is an important or the most important part of striptease dancer's work. In some striptease clubs it is possible to do only consumation work (without performing striptease shows). There are also consumation clubs or bars where is only hostess work, and there are no striptease shows.

We often call hostess work "an artistic hostessing", to emphasize the importance of artistic or theatrical aspect in hostess work. High-level hostess work is an art, it is a performance what creates positive illusions for the customers. Hostess work can be very profitable. Hostess and consumation work offered by our agency is not related to prostitution or escort services.

Read more about hostess and consumation work in a book "Striptease. Myths and Reality" ("Striptiis. Müüdid ja tegelikkus", in Estonian, Tammerraamat 2012), what is available at book stores Apollo and Rahva Raamat in Estonia, also can be purchased from Starlife Agency OÜ studio.